Question Mark Municipal Waste

Your trusted partner in sustainable waste management

Ohio's 2nd largest municipal waste facility

Question Mark Municipal Waste is committed to providing our community with a clean, safe, and environmentally responsible waste disposal service. At Question Mark Municipal Waste, our unwavering commitment centers on offering the community a comprehensive waste disposal service that prioritizes cleanliness, safety, and environmental responsibility. We understand the importance of a well-managed waste system in maintaining a healthy environment and community.

Let's work together toward a greener future!

Services Offered

  • Residential Waste Disposal: Safe and efficient disposal of everyday household waste.
  • Recycling Services: Comprehensive recycling facilities for paper, plastic, metal, and glass.
  • Yard Waste Collection: Environmentally-friendly disposal of garden and yard waste.
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal: Specialized handling and disposal of hazardous materials like batteries, electronics, and chemicals.
  • Bulk Waste Disposal: Facilities for large items such as furniture, appliances, and construction debris.
  • E-Waste Recycling: Secure and responsible recycling of electronic waste.

Precautions and Guidelines

  • Safety First: Wear appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear when visiting the facility.
  • Sorting Waste: Please sort your waste and recyclables before arrival to facilitate efficient processing.
  • Hazardous Materials: Clearly label and separate hazardous materials from regular waste.
  • Electronic Waste: Ensure all personal data is removed from electronic devices prior to disposal.
  • Prohibited Items: Please note that we do not accept explosives, radioactive materials, or medical waste.

Open to the Public

At Question Mark Municipal Waste, we proudly open our doors to the community for creative reuse initiatives, inviting individuals to explore our extensive waste collection for materials that can be repurposed or upcycled. This unique opportunity allows for the transformation of what was once considered trash into valuable resources, fostering creativity and environmental awareness. However, we urge visitors to exercise caution due to the considerable size and complexity of our facility. We kindly remind all visitors that, although our staff is available for guidance, Question Mark Municipal Waste cannot be held responsible for any instances of individuals getting lost within the facility. Safety is paramount, so we recommend coming prepared and remaining vigilant during your journey.